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The fast-track guide for the smart traveller Wallpaper* City Guides present a tightly edited, discreetly packaged list of the best a location has to offer the design conscious traveller. Here is a precise, informative, insider's checklist of all you need to know about the world's most into

Автор: Samarina Ksenia,
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Two cities with real Tsar Power, Moscow and St. Petersburg are the odd couple of Russia: one, the heart of the nation and home to the history-rich Kremlin, where rulers from Ivan the Terrible to Lenin have left their mark; the other, a city born of the passion of its founder, Peter the Great, and to

Автор: Ayres Sabra, Blanchard Catherine, Coppola Anna, Doff Natasha, Gordon Chris,
- 2698 00 руб.

Здесь другие издания автора: Ayres Sabra, Blanchard Catherine, Coppola Anna, Doff Natasha, Gordon Chris

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The guidebook offers five itineraries focussing on the art and architecture of Moscow's most interesting stations with a brief account of their history and special features. Extensive use is made of modern and archive photographic material, as well as designs and sketches, some of which were ne

Автор: Ларичев Егор, Углик Анастасия,
- 244 00 руб.

A fascinating and wide-ranging anthology, vividly evoking the life of the city in the voices of both visitors and residents through the centuries Founded in 1147, Moscow was for much of its early history in thrall to other nations - to the Khans, the Tartars and the Poles. The city was devastated by

- 1559 00 руб.

Moscow is not only one of the largest megalopolises of the world, but the city abundant in monuments of history and culture.

Автор: Лобанова Т.,
- 184 00 руб.

Издание на английском языке. "Russia. Culinary Guidebook" is an original combination of a guidebook, a phrase book, a gastronomic dictionary and a cookery book. The edition is dedicated to the culture of eating in Russia, that reflects the diversity of national history and traditions. The

- 270 00 руб.

Карта разработана специально для гостей Санкт-Петербурга. Нанесены все объекты города, вызывающие интерес у туристов. Показаны наиболее известные памятники архитектуры исторического центра города. Схема метро. Справочная информация. Формат: 95х210 мм. Формат разворота: 470х630 мм. Масштаб: 1:44 000

- 165 00 руб.

Discover the historic location of Rembrandt's famous "Night Watch", the origin of the invention of cognac; homage to prostitutes; decypher facade stones; make love quite legally in the open air ; visit magnificent interior courtyards; ski in the heart of the town, or become an adept o

Автор: Eys Marjolijn van, Robiot Delphine,
- 867 00 руб.

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- 2100 00 руб.
- 394 00 руб.

The DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: St Petersburg will lead you straight to the best attractions St Petersburg has to offer. The guide includes unique cutaways, floorplans and reconstructions of the city's stunning architecture, plus 3D aerial views of the key districts to explore on foot. You&apos

- 1791 00 руб.

Подробная карта центра С.-Петербурга на английском языке с аксонометрическими рисунками главных памятников архитектуры. Показаны объекты культуры, социальные доминанты; полностью отражена сеть улиц. Дополнительно: Панорама-рисунок исторического центра; сведения о музеях, театрах, памятниках архитект

- 150 00 руб.

"The Ladybird Book of London" is a gem from the Ladybird vintage archive. First published in 1961, this is a classic Ladybird hardback book, packed with information about Britain's capital. This new edition is exactly the same as the original, with a dust jacket and beautifully reprod

Автор: Lewesdon John,
- 529 00 руб.

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Take your diving gear along to reach an underwater hotel; stay in a disused US Air Force radar tower in the heart of the equatorial rainforest; slide back the roof of your bedroom to gaze at the stars; sleep in the cabin of a dockside crane that you can rotate, or in chalets hidden in the forest, a

Автор: Dobson Steve,
- 1248 00 руб.

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Observe the stars from the top of the Sorbonne, see a film in a private flat, spend an astonishing night in the company of transsexuals, watch lawyers match wits in an oratory debating contest, go for a swim in the nude, crash celebrity parties, listen to a rock group in a squat, cross Paris in a Zo

Автор: Cassely Jean-Laurent,
- 867 00 руб.

The book contains relevant information on the sights of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and interesting facts about the traditions and daily life of Yakutia's indigenous peoples, climate peculiarities, flora and fauna of the region. The guide provides useful advice for tourists, as well as address

Автор: Агафонов Леонид, Агафонов Андраник, Белый Тимур,
- 594 00 руб.

Издание на английском языке. Москва на протяжении веков была очагом заботливо сохраняемых культурных традиций. Здесь, в древнем Успенском соборе, главном храме государства, венчались на царство все российские самодержцы. Сюда, в Москву, приезжали торжественно отмечать свои военные победы Петр I и Е

Автор: Лобанова Т.,
- 429 00 руб.

Издание на английском языке. Перелистывая страницы этого альбома, вы совершите путешествие по множеству памятных мест Петергофа, Стрельны, Ораниенбаума, побываете в их музеях и парках. Эта книга как овеществленная память, будет напоминать вам проведенные здесь дни и часы и одновременно снова приглаш

- 368 00 руб.

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- 368 00 руб.
- 368 00 руб.
- 368 00 руб.

The guidebook contains information about exploration history, sights and infrastructure of Primorsky Krai, as well as walking routes and transportation. For the first time, you can read a full review of natural and cultural objects of Vladivostok Free Port. Here, the information about traditions of

- 713 00 руб.

Издание на английском языке. Текст настоящего путеводителя был создан благодаря рассказам и советам выдающегося ученого, музейного хранителя Олега Яковлевича Неверова (1934-2014), память о котором всегда будет жить в сердцах тех, кто любит Эрмитаж.

- 518 00 руб.

Альбом посвящен Санкт-Петербургу и его окрестностям. На английском языке.

Автор: Anisimov Yevgeny,
- 905 00 руб.