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Inside Utopia: Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes

Inside Utopia: Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes

Living in the future was one of the Utopian ideas of the twentieth century. Not only did cars look like spaceships - most houses did too. Driven by an idealistic vision of how life could be, architects and designers made residential living a canvas for visionary ideas of genius minds. By designing interiors that were modernist yet eclectic, radical yet poetic, they created kaleidoscopes of the future. Inside Utopia explores the adventurous depths of the creative cosmos of modernist interior design. It showcases inspiring homes around the world - be it a brutalist high-rise in the middle of a metropolis or a habitable hobbit-hole hidden within green hills. Also featured are portraits of the fearless minds who designed them: space cowboys like Verner Panton or Antti Lovag, minimalists like Luis Barragdn, eclectic masterminds like Carlo Mollino, or establishers of a new classic like Gio Ponti. Let us go back to the past - to find our future.

  • Вес : 2235 г

  • Ширина упаковки : 260 мм

  • Высота упаковки : 40 мм

  • Глубина упаковки : 340 мм

  • Тип издания : Отдельное издание 

  • Тип обложки : Твердый переплет 

  • Формат издания : 250x337 

  • Издательство : Gestalten Verlag 

  • ISBN : 978-3-89955-696-4 

  • Год выпуска : 2017 

  • Количество страниц : 304 

  • Редактор : Adam Stech,Sally Fuls,Роберт Клантен 

  • Цветные иллюстрации : Да 

  • Язык издания : Английский