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This work seeks to explore the use of `Preference` litigation in the bankruptcy process as it pertains to ‘trade’ creditors. Following the determination that preference actions are often frivolous in nature, this paper explores the negative externalities born out of the current operational law. Spec

I opened my eyes and I felt if someone held my hand though there was nobody around me. I got into the car and kept thinking, what I felt during meditation. I logged in to my system and started scraping my thoughts. One thought to another, when I realised that why am I dilapidating my experiences of

Once upon a time, only the aggrieved party had the locus standi (standing required in law) so that he could personally knock the doors of justice and seek remedy for his grievance and the non-affected persons had no locus standi, could not do so. Ultimately, there was hardly any link between the rig

The book largely deals with the small tea growers of Assam.Since i am a Tea Science gradutae i was deeply concerned after reading about the problems faced by them that keeps coming in the newspaper The Assam Tribune.As such i wanted to do something and while thinking what can be done the idea came t

The desire to enhance and make ourselves better is not a new one and it has continued to intrigue throughout the ages. Individuals have continued to seek ways to improve and enhance their well-being. Crucial to this improvement of their well-being is improving their ability to remember. Hence, peopl

The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic) (‘the Charter’) is a legislative bill of rights, which sets out a range of civil and political rights that are to be protected and promoted in Victoria, Australia. This book assesses the success of the Charter in protecting children’s r

The human right to Adequate Housing is an evolving and at the same time controversial issue in global and regional human rights systems. This book will focus on assessing the key aspects of the human right to adequate housing under universal human rights system in comparison with major regional huma

This book is a comparative analysis between conventional and Islamic banking system on deposit insurance scheme. First, it discusses the historical development of deposit insurance. The book examines the practices in Malaysia in relation to deposit insurance, which include its role in banking and fi

The present study represents an attempt on the part of the drafters to extend the applicability of the Code beyond that resulting from the application of normal conflict of law rules. Articles 74-77 of international sales convention (1980) deal with damage compensation resulted from breach of contra

The functions of a business enterprise centres around three important activities; the finance, production and marketing. Most crucial decisions of the firm however, are related to the finance, the management of which is an important parameter of measuring its performance. Finances are required for e

Quasi-property rights has a positive impact on economic efficiency of fishing industry and conservation of fishery resources. Fishing licences and fishing quotas under British and Chinese fisheries laws have shown that fishing rights carry some attributes of property rights. But Chinese fishers’ rig

It has been learnt that there is no specific legislation in many countries in the respect of towage contract. The Comparative Study on Towage Contracts from the Myanmar Perspective aims to legislate on the subject of towage contracts. Therefore, It has been explained the general concept of towage th

This book can be regarded as one of the first academic study that comprehensively explores the legal framework of corporate governance of joint stock companies operating in Saudi Arabia from a comparative point of view. The author has discussed extensively various legal aspects where corporate gover

1.* This book presents a seminal study on natural disasters from managerial as well as politico-legal perspectives. The book proposes that hazards turn into disasters mainly due to governmental incapacities and inefficiencies not only to avert the disasters but also to enable the communities to cope

Owing to the recent challenge presented by climate change, there have been steps taken to combat the challenge by the international community. This thesis focuses on the gap between the international legislation and the domestic legislation in Uganda as regards climate change. More particularly are

The study critiqued the independence of the judiciary in the Local Council Court System(LCCS),level of education of the executive members of the LCCS and dispensation and administration of procedural and substantive justice by the LCCS. The study established that there was no separations of powers i

This work on pooling in insolvency was based onresearch supervised at the Australian NationalUniversity. Its objectives are two fold. The first concernsdissecting and critiquing the concept of pooling. Theideas developed in the work shift the key focus ofpooling from an inquiry into the insolvent co

The definition of successful aging has been changing, however, there is a lack of current studies on existing aging trends and how to experience a good old age. The purpose of this study is to identify and describe themes and factors that can lead to an individual experiencing a good old age. This s