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Декоративно-прикладное искусство своими руками

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While paint, fabric, and carpet are integral parts of a room scheme, it is the smaller details - whether a pretty edging on a blind or the way pictures have been grouped above a fireplace - that give a room personality. This handy resource collects the expert knowledge of an army of home stylists an

There is something magical about glitter. It reminds one of fairy dust or of disco balls, or of the dazzling dresses worn by film stars. Glitter comes in a rainbow of colours and types from the classic glitter well-loved by children to glittery fabrics to spray-on glitter and edible glitter! This bo

Автор: Momtaz Begum-Hossain,

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Пробовали ли вы когда-нибудь сделать игрушку своими руками? Связанная из ниток, сшитая из лоскутков или сделанная из папье-маше - такая игрушка уникальна. В ней есть особый шарм, частичка души, она дарит позитив и хорошее настроение. Теперь вы и ваш ребенок можете сделать игрушки в новой технике -

Автор: Ж. Ю. Шквыря,

Новогоднее настроение складывается из множества мелочей: хруст снега, легкий морозец, зеленая хвоя, блеск мишуры, запах мандаринов - и конечно, ажурные, невесомые, изящные снежинки, которыми украшен дом! Вырезать снежинки из бумаги легко и просто, это занятие может увлечь и взрослых, и детей, а ско

Автор: Анна Зайцева,

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, the sisters behind A Beautiful Mess and the "Martha Stewarts of the Anthropologie set," have attracted millions of fans with their happy, creative DIY style. Now, for the first time in book form, they share room-by-room, budget-friendly DIY projects anyone can do to

It`s simple to redecorate with these wall stencils featuring Amy Butler`s signature designs. With a 24 page booklet with instructions and tips for how to use the stencils in your own home plus 10 stencil designs, this portfolio of ideas will transform your house into the home of your dreams. Amy But

SALES HANDLE: Amy Butler, author of resounding successes In Stitches (over 70,000 copies in print!) and Little Stitches for Little Ones (over 30,000 copies in print), turns her attention to handbags, offering 12 patterns and tons of fun variations to make 26 fabulous bags. DISTINCTIVE: This is the f

Celebrated designer Amy Butler`s most coveted products are her handbag sewing patterns. In Style Stitches, Butler presents an array of new bag designs for her fans across the globe. The book offers 12 basic patterns with enough variations to achieve 26 unique looks. Ranging from chic clutches and de

A cute collection of springtime gifts and decorations from Tilda craft designer and bestselling author Tone Finnanger. Choose from 25 Tilda sewing and papercraft projects, including toys, gift bags, wall hangings, cards, decorations, garlands and accessories. Everything is at your fingertips with il

30 fun sewing and papercraft projects show how to create the cutest characters. Features rabbits, birds, frogs, cats and an array of other creatures there are even garden angels in there somewhere! Clear artworks and pretty photography make sewing, papercrafting and painting a breeze. Full size sew

Необычный арт-блокнот для людей, не представляющих свою жизнь без творчества! Веселые и креативные задания, яркие страницы, множество идея для самовыражения! Создавайте коллажи, собирайте гербарии, приклеивайте фотографии, рисуйте, фантазируйте! Превратите "Crazy book" в свой уникальный авторский б

Автор: Селлер Ким,

О чем эта книга: Сумасшедшая арт-книга для креативных и дерзких! Множество уникальных заданий на развитие творчества от издателей мега бестселлера "Уничтожь меня"! Рисуйте, собирайте, приклеивайте, делайте крутые селфи и делитесь своими фотографиями в соц. сетях с тегами  #crazybook и #mixfacecraz

Автор: Ким Селлер,

Creating Couture Embellishment offers a step-by-step guide to manipulating fabric and making and applying a rich variety of embellishments. Chapters cover fabric-manipulation techniques of pleating, quilting, tucking, ruffling, shirring and smocking, as well as the fabrication and application of fea

100 decorative tear-out sheets for creating irresistible homemade decorations, including bunting, butterflies, birds and flowers. Simple step-by-step instructions show how to cut, fold and stick the sheets to ensure great results every time.

Follow Clare Youngs` simple step-by-step projects to make a huge variety of creative book art projects. In the first chapter, Folding Books, get folding and make a beautiful bird, a sailor`s knot, and a shining star, they look impressive but are deceptively simple to make. In Chapter 2, Making Scene