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Шашлыки. Барбекю. Гриль. Блюда для пикника

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В книгах серии "100 лучших рецептов" вам не придется тратить время на бесконечные поиски нужного салата, пирога или супа, потому что мы отобрали тематические рецепты для каждой книги. 100 проверенных и нужных рецептов на все случаи жизни в каждой книге.

Приготовить барбекю - значит зажарить что-нибудь на небольшой жаровне (толстостенной сковороде или противне любой глубины с толстым дном). А это может быть, например, стейк или отбивная. Барбекю - быстрый, простой и довольно веселый способ приготовления мяса, морепродуктов, дичи, овощей и фруктов, а

Вы собираетесь поехать с семьёй или друзьями за город, чтобы отдохнуть на природе, насладиться хрустящим шашлыком, сочной курочкой, нежной рыбкой, наивкуснейшими овощами на гриле, но не знаете, как правильно выбрать мангал или барбекю, как правильно приготовить различные блюда? У нас есть решение!Эт

Schlesinger and Willoughby wield spices and condiments from around the world masterfully in these 130 minimal preparation, maximum flavor recipes inspired by Asian, Mediterranean, Latin, and Caribbean cuisine. In contrast to grilling books that require long-lead marinating and time-consuming steps,

Smoky, earthy, fruity, and spicy, the flavors of the Southwest have intrigued Bobby Flay ever since he was a young chef, eventually serving as the inspiration for the menu at his first restaurant, Mesa Grill. Now sixteen years later, Bobby`s bold and vivacious take on this cuisine has made him a fix

Designed for the busy home cook, Food Made Fast is the latest collectible series from Williams-Sonoma. Using a straightforward approach to everyday cooking, Food Made Fast is about delicious food, simply prepared, with easy-to-follow recipes and tips. Each book emphasizes keeping a well-stocked pant

In this hotly-anticipated debut, Aaron Franklin shares the secrets behind his award-winning (and obsessed-over) barbecue. More than just a recipe book, Franklin Barbecue is a master course in the fine art of meat smoking, Texas-style. With tips on how to source the very best beef; build or hack your

He’s back and hotter than ever! Levi is getting back to his Roots with over 100 Caribbean- and sunshine-infused recipes for the barbecue and grill. From his first appearance – guitar in hand – in the Dragons’ Den, Levi’s winning personality and sunny food has brought a taste of Caribbean joy to ou

Melted cheese between slices of toasted bread-the ultimate in comfort food. This mouthwatering cookbook features 39 grilled cheese recipes created by Heidi Gibson, winner of seven grilled cheese championships and the co-owner (with husband Nate) of the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisc

If barbecue in Texas is a religion, this book is its bible. Originally published in 2002, this revised and updated edition explores all the new and exciting developments from the Lone Star State`s evolving barbecue scene. The 100 recipes include 32 brand-new ones such as Smoke-Braised Beef Ribs and