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Making stops in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, this edition rounds up some of today`s most exceptional and inspiring interiors across six continents. From rustic minimalism to urbane eclecticism, the selection celebrates a global spectrum of styles, united by authentici

This Taschen 25 Edition rounds up some of today`s most exceptional and inspiring interiors on six continents. Making stops in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, the painstakingly chosen and sumptuously photographed selection of 100 interiors represents a global spectrum of

Современную кухню следует можно причислить к жилым комнатам. Здесь мы не только готовим еду, но чаще всего и едим. Готовка и прием пищи стали неразделимы. Обустройство кухни, как никакого другого помещения в доме, помимо непосредственно меблировки требует учета множества моментов: гигиены, безопасно

Автор: Стэффорд Клифф,

Перед Вами - исчерпывающая коллекция из 1000 икон, символов и пиктограмм - настоящий кладезь бесценных идей для дизайнера. В некотором смысле символы имеют преимущество над речью, ведь их понимают люди во всем мире. Простейшие картинки могут заменить слова "мужской", "женский", "отель", "такси", "

1000 хитов музыкального дизайна. Книга целиком посвящена звуку. Будь то джазовый альбом или постер, анонсирующий выступление рок группы - то, что мы держим в руках, должно высветить личность артиста и характер его музыки. Даже сейчас, в век МР3, талантливая обложка остается ведущим стимулом для пок

An in-depth review of the latest trends in residential interior designs from internationally renowned architects and designers, showcasing 150 full-color profiles and 500 pages of color photos—an outstanding addition to the popular 150 Best series. In 150 Best Interior Design Ideas you’ll find the m

New ideas on how to design, build, and decorate a kitchen are always of essential value to architects, designers, and homeowners. This new addition to a successful series offers an extensive collection of both modern and traditional kitchen designs from all over the world, plans devised by distingui

The most recent volume in the highly successful 150 Best series, this comprehensive handbook showcases the latest in efficient and successful small space design. Filled with 500 pages of beautiful full-color photographs, "150 Best Mini Interior Ideas" profiles dozens of exciting interiors that exe

For homeowners and architects alike, an irresistible collection of hundreds of inspirational full-color profiles of 150 of the most exciting contemporary bathroom designs. Showcasing an extensive collection of designs and style, captured in stunning full-color photos, 150 Best New Bathroom Ideas pro

From expansive mansions to summer cottages, from ultra modern to environmentally friendly "green" homes, "150 Best New House Ideas" is a comprehensive handbook showcasing the best new ideas in single-family home design. Featuring an extensive collection of full-color photographs, this book provides

A comprehensive, full-color handbook, packed with hundreds of photographs that showcase the latest in beautiful, welcoming, and efficient kitchen design. 150 Best New Kitchen Ideas offers an in-depth look at exemplary new kitchen designs from today’s most renowned architects and designers. Pack

Gwathmey Siegel’s buildings represent the pinnacle of late-twentieth and early-twenty-first-century modernist design, and this new volume focuses on a single architectural masterpiece: 400 Fifth Avenue. Designed by the award-winning architectural firm Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects and soar

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Book DescriptionThis comprehensive collection offers a wealth of fast, fun home decorating ideas that can be accomplished in two days or less on a budget. With step-by-step instructions and 250 photos and illustrations, the book guides readers through projects that can increase the convenience, beau

A far cry from the calm simplicity of Scandinavian interiors or bare-room minimalism, now there is a bold alternative: the motto is "more is more" and `individuality` the key word.From highly-decorated interiors that are jam-packed with fabulous objects, to cool and cultivated apartments that are wo

Nature, art, a favorite collection-each holds unexpected color combinations that can be beautifully incorporated into the home. Designer Susan Hable shows how to discover color in the everyday, create dynamic palettes, and translate them into stunning interior spaces. Home decorators will learn how

The renowned designer and style guru Ilse Crawford showcases her body of influential, holistic work for the first time, articulating her groundbreaking philosophies for design and living. Studioilse, the award-winning design studio founded by Ilse Crawford, bridges the worlds of interior design, arc

Provencal houses are true homes. Warm shades of ochre glow from the walls and roofs, weathered doors shine, and reflections glance off glazed ceramics and strike printed cotton tablecloths. This volume showcases the architectural diversity of Provencal houses and their interiors, gardens, and decora

While A. Quincy Jones is most recognised as an architect of glamorous homes owned by Los Angeles cultural elite, he was equally dedicated to less prosperous clients - middle-class families who were quickly populating the postwar Southern California landscape. As this fascinating book reveals, Jones