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Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) was a Scottish novelist, poet, travel writer, and essayist. He was a celebrity during his lifetime for works like "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "Treasure Island." Now he is one of the most translated authors in the world. "Catriona" starts right where the previous novel "Kidnapped" ends, continuing the story of David . Now he tries to clear the names of his friends of involvement in the murder of Colin Campbell of Glenure. The political climate after the "Appin murder" makes David`s situation almost hopeless. He tries to find a path that will save Alan, James of the Glens and out of the hangman`s noose.

Автор: Robert Louis Stevenson, Язык: Английский, Издание: T8RUGRAM, 2018г., ISBN: 978-5-521-07780-9 60x90/16 (358 стр.)
  • Вес : 465 г

  • Ширина упаковки : 150 мм

  • Высота упаковки : 20 мм

  • Глубина упаковки : 210 мм

  • Автор : Роберт Льюис Стивенсон 

  • Тип издания : Отдельное издание 

  • Тип обложки : Мягкая обложка