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The English Verb: An Exploration of Structure and Meaning

The English Verb: An Exploration of Structure and Meaning

This book is about exploring the English verb, not explaining it. The difference is important. "Explaining" assumes one person knows, and the other does not. It suggests a one-way process, which starts from a place decided by the person who knows. "Exploring" suggests the possibility of going wrong, the need to re-trace our steps, a process of guessing, checking and discovering together. Some of our guesses are right, and others wrong. The emphasis is on a dynamic and co-operative process. So often "explaining grammar" is a waste of time, which confuses rather than helps. I hope teachers will be influenced by this book to change the emphasis of work that they do with their students from explaining to exploring.

  • Вес : 305 г

  • Ширина упаковки : 170 мм

  • Высота упаковки : 10 мм

  • Глубина упаковки : 250 мм

  • Автор на обложке : Michael Lewis 

  • Автор : Майкл Льюис 

  • Серия : Language Teaching Publications 

  • Тип издания : Отдельное издание 

  • Тип обложки : Мягкая обложка 

  • Формат издания : 165x235 

  • Издательство : Thomson Heinle 

  • ISBN : 0-906717-40-X 

  • Год выпуска : 2002 

  • Количество страниц : 192 

  • Язык издания : Английский