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Общая теория этнологии

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В монографии выявляются повторяющиеся у разных исполнительниц в разных по адресату оплакивания текстах элементы и детали предметного мира похоронных и поминальных плачей. При всей импровизационности жанра, изобразительные элементы мифопоэтики находят устойчивое в этнопоэтической традиции словесное в

Автор: Э. Г. Рахимова,

В христианской среде есть ряд убеждений, которые иначе как псевдоверованиями назвать нельзя. Эти "верования" наносят непоправимый вред духовному и душевному здоровью христиан. Авторы не побоялись поднять эту тему и, основываясь на Священном Писании, разоблачают вредоносные суеверия.

Автор: Генри Клауд, Джон Таунсенд,

This investigation presents a formulation of hypo-elasticity based RC beam /frame model with bond-slip. Details of the constitutive model and analysis method used are provided. A procedure has been described to carry out three-dimensional analysis considering both geometrical as well as material non

A substantial body of research exists on the origin and pedagogy of Black Studies. However, there is a dearth of empirical research that investigates how racial identity politics profile Black Studies leadership and Black Studies programs at principally white universities in the Post civil Rights Er

Summary of book content: This thesis describes a 2012 study in a remote First Nations community to analyse the effectiveness of the standard General Education Development (GED) testing. The various issues encountered by the participants and myself as the tutor are examined and contrasted with that

African societies have their own traditional institutions for democratic administration. It would be quite reasonable to argue that Africans, at least like any other people elsewhere, certainly have for long time developed their own unique system of governance. As part of their strong and viable sys

Much has been written about dying with dignity, but how about living with dignity through the latter years of our lives? For many senior adults, this season of life is not always considered the “golden years”. More critical than the physical effects of aging are those related to the psycho-social re

Do you live live in the Developed World? Have you ever wondered what life is like in the Third World? Obviously, life is not the same in these two “worlds” that exist on the same planet. Life in Africa in particular is not what they always think it is out there. Africans no longer live in trees but

I conducted anthropological qualitative research an ethnographic descriptive holistic study of cattle decoration,and cattle herding community in Sindh Pakistan.The study attempted to look at the role of cattle in creating social,religious and economic relationship in the community.The study also loo

When was this identity as a Samia begin? Moreover, why did it remain so powerful throughout the early period?Musamia, the one who lived in Egypt(Misri) was a great warrior. According to tradition, he gathered his people together when he was old, and told them that they were strictly henceforth, refe

This book documents the development, functions, adaptations and changes in Mijikenda Art and Material Culture in the pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial periods. The author examines the intrinsic link of art and material culture to Mijikenda traditional, social, economic and political institut

Art is related to medicine. This work examines the tradition and heritage of the Luo people of Western Kenya and how they apply artistic creativity in their healing practices. It examines how myths, legends and folk narratives are employed in the administration of herbal medicine to the patient an

Biotechnology plays a major role in driving agricultural sustainability as a key component of modern and integrated agricultural practices. This is evident in the development and use of genetically modified (GM) and / or transgenic crop varieties with desirable nutritional and agronomic characterist

This work is about the importance of assessing the size of breast cancer by physical examiation and ultrasound for exact staging and subsequent treatment of breast cancer .breast cancer is very common in women all over the world.physical examination and ultrasound are very good tools ,least expensiv

Calculating Chiefs offers a unique approach to understanding human violence by combining the rigor of computer simulation with a detailed analysis of violence and warfare in pre-contact Pacific Island societies. Why do many small societies have an egalitarian ethic? How do different leadership style

Bioproduct patents hold great promise for developing new and impactful medical treatments, but much of their potential depends on the ability of federal patent regulations to foster innovation and progress, both in their regulatory effect and through predictable and consistent application of patent