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В настоящей книге собран и проанализирован с позиций наукометрии богатейший статистический материал, связанный с результатами всех матчей всех проведенных к настоящему моменту розыгрышей Кубка мира (чемпионатов мира) по футболу среди национальных сборных. Приведен целый ряд малоизвестных или вовсе н

Автор: О. В. Михайлов,

Новая книга ведущего российского экономиста Е.Е.Румянцевой посвящена правдивому и всестороннему анализу перспектив развития российской экономики на базе выявления и анализа причин застойных явлений и отсталых для народа "нововведений", которые только способствуют дальнейшему процветанию коррупции и

Автор: Е. Е. Румянцева,

Book DescriptionThis brief and inexpensive paperback examines 40+ economic statistics such as GDP, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, consumer confidence, personal income, etc., from public and private sources such as the Bureaus of Economic Analysis, Labor Statistics, Census, and The Conferen

The objective of this work is to study the behaviour of some queueing systems operating under the control limit policy (a,c,d) $. In a queueing system it may be possible to exercise control over the service mechanism, the service policy and such other configurations in order that the system perfo

An American option is a financial contract between two agents, who agree to buy or sell an asset at a fixed strike price at any time before a specified expiration date. When is the optimal time to exercise the option in order to maximize revenue? What is the price of such contract? This work aims to

The exact distributions of multivariate statistics used for the inference in multivariate analysis are usually not known or quite difficult to handle. The topic of this book belongs to the area of approximation of unknown distributions through classical distributions and to the related estimation pr

Basic Statistics for Psychologists combines clear explanations of statistical concepts and tests with a guide to using SPSS, providing an invaluable resource for psychology students. Highly readable and with innovative learning features throughout, this book offers a comprehensive introduc

This book helps readers understand the reasoning by which findings from sample data can be extended to general conclusions to solve business problems. It discusses statistical methods and includes an explanation of their underlying assumptions and the dangers of ignoring them. It emphasizes the use

Inbound call center problems need decisions in four main areas; the number of incoming calls, necessary number of agents to handle these calls, shift starting times for the operations and the number of agents to be allocated to each shift. Call center models mainly cover these areas seperately.

This book explores a number of statistical models for predicting the daily stock return volatility of an aggregate of all stocks traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). The study is largely inspired by the work of Chris BrookThe volume of shares traded might be as important as the cha

Population projection for many developing countries like Bangladesh could be quite a challenging task. The objective of this paper is to compare between different types of population models and to find out the most suitable population models for long term population projection. We represented some p

A stochastic model based on first-order Markov chain was developed to simulate daily rainfall. The model is capable of simulating daily rainfall data of any length, based on the estimated transitional probabilities, mean, standard deviation and skew coefficients of rainfall amounts. A study of rain

Dan Larose`s Discovering Statistics is the ideal text for instructors who want to teach the basics of statistical computation as well as how to interpret and apply the results of those computations. Using real data, contemporary examples, step-by-step solutions, extensive pedagogy, and support for c

This book teaches students how to do statistics and how to use statistics as a tool for making intelligent, informed decisions. Doing Statistics For Business, Second Edition is data driven, emphasizing statistical reasoning, interpretation, and decision-making with an emphasis is on comparison and i

With captivating storytelling, real-world examples, image-and graphic-rich design, accessible mathematics, and step-by-step worked examples, Nolan and Heinzen introduce students to the why and how of statistical practice in the behavioral sciences, while helping them break through common barriers to