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Теория и история архитектуры. Градостроительство

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Sacred buildings are among the oldest types of edifice produced in human civilisation. As they have throughout history, the construction of churches, synagogues, mosques and other building which are used for sacred, ritual or ceremonial acts is still considered the most prestigious of construction t

Здравствуйте, дорогие читатели! В данной монографии мною представлена древняя, забытая математическая пропорция и её применение в жизни и культуре людей. Из многих пропорций, которыми издавна пользовался человек при создании гармонических произведений, существует одна, единственная и непов

What is essential knowledge for architecture? This frequently posed question targets fundamental principles of design, those basic criteria and priorities through which disciplinary stability is ensured. Yet, insofar as relevance is a core value of architecture in both theory and practice, the conti

Книга приглашает читателя посетить самые прекрасные и неповторимые площади и улицы мира. Вы узнаете о том, какая улица самая длинная в мире, или самая зеленая, узкая или самая широкая. Вы познакомитесь с историческими событиями и архитектурными достопримечательностями, сформировавшими нынешний облик

Автор: С. А. Аннина, Е. Л. Литвинова, Е. В. Прокофьева, Т. В. Умнова,

Здесь другие издания автора: С. А. Аннина, Е. Л. Литвинова, Е. В. Прокофьева, Т. В. Умнова

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В книге, снабженной более чем 250 цветных иллюстраций, рассматриваются множество тем, связанных с архитектурой, от конструктивно-строительных элементов, таких, как например, арка, камин, лестница, стена, ордер, архитектурно-пространственных форм, как, например, римская базилика, архитектурных стилей

Автор: Фил Хирн,

1001 Buildings You Must See Before You Die is a visual testament to the beauty, grace, and fortitude of the world`s greatest architectural achievements. Beginning in the ancient and Near East, the book explores buildings from the Byzantine and Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages through to splend

As the location for reception and waiting, the hotel lobby is the most important and prestigious area of a hotel. This is where the first contact is made with the guests, anything that happens here has a strong influence on whether their stay will be enjoyed.

Like its successful predecessors 10x10 (published in 2000) and 10x10_2 (published in 2005), 10x10_3 is a comprehensive overview of contemporary world architecture. Generously illustrated, this volume presents 100 of the world`s most exceptional emerging a

У этой книги два автора. Сергей Чобан - активно практикующий русский и немецкий архитектор, автор многих известных построек в Берлине, Москве и Санкт-Петербурге, лауреат архитектурных премий; Владимир Седов - доктор искусствоведения, автор монографических исследований и статей по истории архитектуры

Автор: Сергей Чобан, Владимир Седов,

Здесь другие издания с названием: '30:70. Архитектура как баланс сил'

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A 3D information place is a 3D navigable virtual environment which provides a socio-spatial organisation of information. Its structures and formal attributes have an impact on users’ information-seeking activities, and they adapt to reflect patterns of such activities. Such a concept is firmly based

This publication aims to demonstrate the great diversity and versatility of the familiar material of ceramic. In a selection of works by architects such as Eduardo Souto de Moura, Caruso St. John, Lacaton Vassal, FOA and EMBT. Whether mass-produced or made-to-measure, contemporary architecture puts

Здесь другие издания с названием: '40/40 young architectds'

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Over time I have observed certain types of interventions that achieve a directness of expression, often as a result of utility yet full of character. Primarily in inner Melbourne, these buildings display qualities that appear ad-hoc and unusually proportioned, even awkward. But looking closer they h

Aim of this book is to open a window to the ancient times by using the book “De Architectura” within scientific historical and interpretive methods. It is intended to answer the questions below: How can the time of Vitruvius be interpreted? What was the conceptualization architecture by Vitruvius?

Ottoman conquest of Istanbul (Constantinople) is undeniably one of the most influential events in the World’s History. This book sheds light into a fortress which was built as a strategic military preparation of this event. Rumeli Fortress has a unique place in the history of world with Its prope

Specialists in conservation have recently reached a consensus about accepting cultural values as the basis of both problems and solutions within historic environments. In this respect, besides tangible properties, the intangible values need to be considered in the conservation studies. This book

Revision with unchanged content. The quest for more productive ways of developing high quality software has been ongoing and software product lines promises to improve product qua­li­ty and the development speed at a fraction of the cost. Common examples of product lines in other areas include mobil

In China architects are calligraphers and the ideas in traditional art still influence modern aesthetics. A Line In Motion tells the story of calligraphy from the ‘designer’s lens’ using analysis and diagrams to visualize its fundamental techniques, principles and ideas. Chinese calligraphy is a spa