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Издание посвящено одному из блестящих периодов русской истории и культуры - эпохе Серебряного века, отраженной в зеркале музыкального искусства. Впервые главными героями книги явились русские и французские композиторы-новаторы, чья жизнь и творчество стали неотъемлемой частью художественного контекс

Автор: Ю. И. Де-Клерк,

Диссертационное исследование А. Александровой посвящено анализу мифопоэтического мышления нобелевского лауреата, русского поэта и американского эссеиста Иосифа Бродского. Известно, какую слабость поэт питал к воде, "к ее складкам, морщинкам, ряби", себя же Бродский изображал то рыбой, то ястребом, в

This work presents an extensive examination of the largely separate histories of art education and art therapy, emphasizing meaningful ways in which the two have been both successfully connected and purposefully disconnected. It seeks to open a dialogue between art therapy and art education so that

In this remarkable collection of 100 manifestos from the last 100 years, Alex Danchev presents a cacophony of voices from such diverse movements as Futurism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Feminism, Communism, Destructivism, Vorticism, Stridentism, Cannibalism and Stuckism, taking in along the way film, archi

This title beautifully captures some of the most iconic images from some of the most enduring themes in art history. This new series of books - packed with glorious full-colour illustrations throughout - explores some the most enduring themes found throughout the history of art. Accompanied by quote

Серия ИДЕИ, ИЗМЕНИВШИЕ МИР рассказывает о революционных идеях в области искусства, фотографии, кино, дизайна, архитектуры - о принципах, лежащих в основе самых революционных для своего времени концепций, технологий, направлений. В серии в хронологической последовательности даны краткие описания кажд

Автор: Майкл Бёрд,

These three centuries offer a broad range of artists and their works. Sometimes it is hard to find access and to maintain an overview. The new earBook Masterpieces series offers an ideal package that gives the reader a compact, comprehensible, and entertaining overview of the painting and the music

21st-Century Jewelery Designers: An Inspired Style is a stunning survey of the contemporary jewelery that`s being designed and created across the world today. From the great JAR, to James de Givenchy and Nicholas Varney in the West, and Michelle Ong, Wallace Chan and Bhagat in the East, 21st-Century

Providing a truly global and comprehensive perspective, 30,000 Years of Art charts a course through art history that tracks seminal and lesser known works in all of the fields of both the fine and decorative arts. Featuring over 600 works across all media, from painting and sculpture to textile, met

Polymorphisms within the ?2-adrenergic receptor(B2ADR) gene have been repeatedly linked to hypertension. Among the B2ADR polymorphisms detected, Arg16Gly and Gln27Glu codons are considered the two most important variations. The amino acid substitution at these codons may lead to abnormal regulation

This monograph is about an artistic journey set off eighty years ago in the nascent Republic China. It charged into the “impossible” realm--nudity--in the grand Chinese tradition and turned it, if somewhat by accident, into the “possible”, unveiling perhaps the most censored body in the art world. T

This research is an attempt to analyze the English and Persian research articles with regard to the occurrence of ellipsis as a type of cohesive tie. Another significant objective of the study is to predict the errors Iranian EFL learners are likely to make when they use English ellipsis in their wr

The advent of the crossbow more than 2,500 years ago effected dramatic changes for hunters and warriors.  For centuries, it was among the most powerful and widely used handheld weapons, and its popularity endures to this day. A Deadly Art presents a lively, accessible survey of the crossbow’s ?golde

The present work relates to bring out the importance of microencapsulation technology and development of microspheres for the antidiabetic drugs which will reduce dosing, patient non compliance and will produce better therapeutic results as compared to conventional drug delivery systems. Novel drug

Desperate to save his people from the onslaught of poverty, unemployment, ignorance and thuggery, Ojeiva Jumbo sought for power by all means to actualise this dream in the small fictional state of Azayi. Jumbo was led by his old school mate to Ganjua, the political Godfather in the state, who not on

I propose that it is because of the authenticity of taxidermy, and the empathy it garners in the viewer, that puts this medium in a unique position to recharge the conservation and climate change debate. This work explores the journey humans and animals have made together since antiquity, a torrid

Wayfinding is a necessity in human spatial behavior and helps people to experience and perceive the environment surrounding them truthfully. A desirable navigational experience delivers the sense of being secure and familiar for citizens, and encourages strangers to revisit the urban space or talk a

This study explored a team-based approach to leading and managing a rural primary school. A requirement in a team-based approach to make quality decisions and improvements in the school, comes from people working in harmony. In noting that teams are more effective than individuals, this study explo