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Кардиология. Сердце. Сосуды

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The aim of this book is to find out the most common types and causes of myocardial infarction in young people in comparison to old people. As during my work as physician in Cardiac Care Unit in Erbil/ Kurdistan of Iraq I have seen many young people had Myocardial infarction and I noticed that the in

Atherosclerosis is a chronic progressive disease leading to cardiovascular disease. Leukotrienes are potent mediators of inflammation derived from Arachidonic Acid. AA may be released from phospholipid in the cell membrane of intact cells following stimulation, infection or injury by the action of c

Auscultation has long been the primary test for initial assessment of the patient``s heart conditions and early detection of anomalies. However, the reliability of this technique on subjective judgement, expertise, and individual``s hearing accounts for the inconsistency in the diagnostic amon

Atherosclerosis, the underlying cause of the majority of CVD; affecting both women and men, is a multifactorial disease with many risk factors which include age, sex, race, lipid levels, obesity, inflammatory and infectious diseases, hypertension, genetic and environmental factors. Several invasive

Evaluation of the characteristics of the athlete`s heart has been in the center of the sport cardiologic attention for many years. Many kinds of methods are available, but the most studies are carried out with echocardiography. In sport medical research Tissue Doppler Imaging is a relative new metho

In the past there were many attempts to use betavoltaic devices as power sources for several different types of implantable medical devices. Although there were many attempts at producing a nuclear powered implantable medical device, most failed because of the trifling amount of power generated by t

Apolipoproteins B/A1 are protein components of antherogenic and non antherogenicparticles. At the moment, measurement of LDL and HDL in various combinations is in practice for diagnosis of atherosclerotic CAD. But studies have proved that measurement of their protein components is much better,

Assessment and diagnosis of coronary artery disease rely on the use of diagnostic methods that have a limited spatial resolution and involve ionizing radiation. These methods include Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and coronary angiography. An a

Acute dyspnea is a common clinical finding with which the patient is admitted in the emergency. Heart failure carries a serious prognosis comparable to many malignancies. In developing countries, 2-3% of the population suffers from heart failure and is the most frequent cause of hospitalization amon

Loaded with tips, tricks, and expert solutions to everyday clinical problems, this book is a must for all specialists and trainees performing cardiac catheterizations. It covers basic principles, diagnostic strategies for specific diseases, and the newest interventional techniques, giving readers th

Telocytes (TCs) are interstitial cells previously characterized by electron microscopy as cells with very long extensions (telopodes, Tps), present in numerous organs, including the heart interstitial space and cardiac stem cell niche. TCs have several particular morphological and phenotypical prope

Cardiovascular response is a criterion in determining suitability and safety in exercise testing and training. Howbeit, there is a paucity of studies on cardiovascular response to back muscles`` endurance tests in health and disease. Considering that the back extensor muscles are one of the largest

Experiencing auditory hallucinations for people diagnosed with schizophrenia is a journey of challenges as each individual struggles to understand their now changed life-world, reconstruct a sense of meaning within their illness experience, and to carve out a pathway to wellness. The challenge for p